Mallakhamba is an ancient Indian traditional sport. It is performed using a pole or a rope. It is also performed by wrestlers. Malla is wrestler and khamb is pole.
In case of pole, it is made up of good quality teak wood or Sheesam wood. It has a small spherical shape at its top end whereas bottom end is supported firmly on the floor to avoid toppling of the pole.  The surface of Mallakhamba is made very smooth. Oil is applied on its surface to avoid friction.

A person playing Mallakhamba climbs the pole upside down using his arms, shoulder and neck. He then holds the pole locking his feet and calf. He slides down slightly and moves his body on the pole to clinch it upside using his shoulder, arm and neck. Now he climbs down slightly and again repeats the process by locking his feet and calf. This process is repeated number times depending upon ability of player to hold the pole.

While on the pole the player can perform various formations as shown in the picture below.

It requires special skills practice and stamina to perform formations.

Mallakhamba is also played by group of players making various formations as shown in the picture below.

Similar exercises can be performed by using rope tied on the bar at a certain height from the ground and hanging up to the floor as shown in the picture.

Mallakhamba exercise improves flexibility of body. It strengthens the shoulder and arms. It increases stamina. This exercise helps players of tennis, cricket, football to improve their performance.

Recently Mallakhamba Championship is held at the national level

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