Kho Kho

Kho Kho Ground

Kho Kho is popular game in India. It requires only two poles to mark the turning points. It can be played without these poles also.


A match consists of two innings with each inning consisting of chasing and running turns of 9 minutes each. One team sits on their knees in the middle of the court, 8 in a row, with adjacent members facing opposite directions. The runners play in the field, three at a time and the team that takes the shortest time to touch all the opponents in the field, wins. There is a pole on each end of the field and the runner is allowed to go between two sitting players, but the chaser is not allowed to turn back while running or go between the players i.e. the chaser must run in the same direction unless he chooses to touch either end pole and run in the opposite direction. He may cross over to the other side when he is reversing directions by going around the pole.
1. The runner or the chaser is decided by toss.
2. A match consists of two innings of chasing and defending turns, which is each of 9 minutes.
3. The captain of chasing side may end the turn before allotted time.
4. The side that scores more wins a match.
5. When a defender is out, he should enter the sitting box from the lobby.
6. Incomplete match for unavoidable reasons should be played in the same session with the same players and officials. The score of the completed turn should be counted. For incomplete turn, the match will start afresh. The entire match should be replayed from the beginning if the incomplete match is not played in the same session.

Skills required
One has to be agile, quick thinking. He should have stamina to run and chase opponent or to run to avoid being touched by opponent.
  1. Giving Kho and Chasing the runner:
    A chaser must say “Kho” when he gives signal to sitting chaser so that he can get off from square and start chasing the runner. If he fails to say this word a foul is noted and considered as Kho Kho rules is not followed.

  1. Fake Kho and Sudden Kho:
    Fake kho is way to deviate the attention or disturb the chaser , the chaser pretends that he given kho to his fellow team mates but he is actually chasing the runner.
    In sudden kho the chaser gives immediate kho to team mate making it hard for runner to avoid getting caught.

  1. Choosing direction:
    Chaser team player must keep his foot out of box with care as his foot will decide which way he will run to chase the runner else a foul will be counted.

  1. Diving: To touch the opponent by stretching and jumping.

Kho Kho Tournaments

National Championships

The National Championships for Kho-Kho is the oldest Domestic Kho Kho tournaments in India. The first National Kho-Kho championship for men was held at Vijayawada, Andra Pradesh back in 1960. 

National Women Championship

The National Championships for Kho Kho is the oldest Domestic Kho Kho tournaments in India. The first National Kho- Kho championship for women was held at Kolhapur, Maharashtra back in 1961. Unlike the men, this Championship happens at only one category- Senior.  The tournament also follows the League cum knockout format and there are eight zones. Furthermore, top two teams from each group will qualify for the knock-out stages of the tournament. The Annual tournament is in its 51st edition sees teams from all corners of India fight for the championship. Various Institution teams like Railways, Airports Authority of India also come to the tournament to battle various state teams

All India Inter University Kho Kho Tournament

The All India Inter University tournament is one of the major sporting events for University students in India. The Tournament happens in 2 stages. During the first stage Universities against each other in their respective zones. There are four zones- North, South, East and West. Top 4 teams from each Zone then Face each other in the All India Inter-University Champion accolade. This annual tournament oversees talents for both men and women from different Universities all around the country.

Other Tournaments

The Federation Cup, Mayors Cup and Nehru Gold cup are among a few other domestic tournaments in Kho-Kho.

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